3 Men’s Hair Problems Answered

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At Next International, a unisex hairdressing salon in Gold Coast Australia we understand hair.  As a salon specializing in styling and colouring we know that guys don’t always get the recognition they deserve when it comes to hair care. It’s not all about the girls as premier stylist Mark from our Coomera team understands. With 22 years hairdressing behind him, Mark not only won 1st place in the International Hairstylists society competition for cut and colour but is also an expert on men’s hairdressing.

3 Men’s Hair Problems Answered takes a look at the most common hairdressing problems men have and how to fix them:

#1 Fine/ Thinning Hair

Many male hairdressing clients come to the salon with fine or thinning hair which can be very upsetting, especially for those who had a thick head of hair when they were younger. “Fine hair can be a styling problem so the aim is to create an illusion of thickness” says Mark. There are three ways to do this. Firstly a great haircut! Many men make the mistake of growing thinning hair but actually this can weigh the hair down and emphasise the problem. A really good haircut can give the illusion of thickness. Also watch the shampoo and conditioner you use because the wrong one can leave hair oily, fine and flyaway. A shampoo like American Crew’s Hair Recovery + Thickening Shampoo really works wonders. Lastly, be aware of your styling products. Too much gel, mousse or wax add weight and separation so use light products to control without weight.

#2 Greying Hair

At Next International we understand that 50 shades of grey is not so sexy when it’s on your head! Our male and female hairdressing clients hate those wiry grey hairs which can make you feel old and confused about colour options.  “When it comes to greying hair it is really important to speak to a professional colourist before you do anything” says Mark. In fact, the worst thing you can do is rush out to buy some dark dye to cover up the grey. Most shop bought colours are harsh and will not work with your natural skin tone. This means unnaturally black hair, pale skin and possibly even dyed ears (yes it happens!) A consultation with one of the Next International stylists will help you to decide the colour direction to take and leave you feeling confident and happy.


#3 Dandruff/ Dry Skin

“Ok, let’s clear this one up… most of you don’t have dandruff you have dry skin” says Mark. Dandruff is an overused term for a medical condition which is the shedding of oily skin flakes from the scalp. Actually what most clients have is dry skin which is often a direct result of the hair products they have been using or the way they have been using them. By using professional products and using them correctly you can clear up dry skin completely and it’s certainly nothing to be embarrassed about as it affects most clients at some point. A product such as Anti Dandruff + Sebum control shampoo from American Crew removes dry skin whilst also leaving the scalp refreshed and conditioned to prevent new irritations. Its ingredients include peppermint and tea tree oil which smell amazing and leave you feeling minty fresh!

Men’s haircare is important to us at Next International and our expert team of stylists and colourists will be happy to advise you on the best regime to suit you and your style. Click here to make an appointment now with the Next International team.

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