3 Questions to Ask at Your Next Salon Visit

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Have you been let down by other hair salons before who OVER-promise and UNDER-deliver, and not only that but have HIDDEN costs, leaving you feeling robbed?

First of all, if that’s the case, I’m sorry to hear it. Frustrating, right?

Sadly, I hear countless horror stories about people paying HUNDREDS of dollars for a desired look, only to be completely let down and ripped off (at best).

The good news is … those days are GONE! And it’s all thanks to Next International.

We are all about ethics and integrity when it comes to pricing, which is why we have put together a few questions you should be asking your hairstylist at your next salon visit.

This article will provide you with the knowledge of exactly what to look out for when choosing a stylist. Read on for the questions you should ask so you never get ripped off or taken on a joyride again.

Do they quote properly?

It’s a simple step but a step a lot of salons seem to forget. At Next International, we always quote every client before we start the service.

Now because colouring costs can change depending on a range of things, most salons will give you a rough price that most of time will change at a shock to the client. At Next International, we do things a little bit different: we lock in the $ so that no matter what, you won’t be paying any more. If we end up using less colour than we thought, we’ll take that off the price and if we use more than we thought, we’ll simply absorb the costs for you, so there are no hidden fees at the end.

Do they offer AfterPay and cashflow-friendly, small monthly payment memberships?

As a premier hair salon, we wanted to give everyone in the Gold Coast region the opportunity to experience the expertise of Next International Hair salons, to have access to the best stylists the hairdressing industry can offer, and to be free from the stress of large service bills and hidden costs when they come into the salon. AfterPay and ‘Next Hair Experience’ memberships makes this possible by allowing clients to pre-plan their financial commitment to their hair care. This kind of forward planning is common in lots of other areas of our lives such as gym memberships, healthcare, home loans etc. and it helps us to stay on top of our household budgets. Haircare is an important area of our lives, so why not free yourself from the worry and stress of large service bills and enquire about our memberships to make your life more beautiful today.

Do they back their work up with a guarantee? 

Everyone has suffered an unflattering haircut, perm or dye job at some time. No need to have a snip fit anymore, however. Next International is one of the ONLY salons on the Gold Coast that GUARANTEES their work. Our vision is to do whatever it takes to get you leaving our salons looking and feeling your best. So we take the risk off you and put it on ourselves. If you’re not completely delighted with your cut or colour, tell us within 7 days and we will redo the same service for free until we get it right …

Finding a hairdresser is easy, but choosing a good one can be a challenge. Next International Hair Salons tick all the right boxes and could just be your perfect match. We are committed to creating the ultimate style and colour for each and every one of our clients to make all your hair goals a reality.



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