3 Sentences That Drive Hair Stylists Crazy

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At Next International in Gold Coast we have a wealth of hairdressing experience. With three teams of stylists at our Oxenford, Coomera and Pacific Pines salons we understand the hairdressing business and our client’s requests. Just for fun we asked our teams for 3 sentences that drive hair stylists crazy and here are the results… are you guilty?

  1. “Make Me Look Like This Celebrity”
    Each week clients walk into the salon with celebrity photos. We get it, you want his or her hairstyle so you are bringing the photo to show us. There’s no problem with that. However the sentence “Make me look like this celebrity” often comes with an expectation that the haircut or colour will somehow magically transform you into your favourite celeb… it won’t! Everyone has a unique face shape, eyes, jaw line, skin tone, neck and posture so what looks great on a celebrity won’t necessarily look the same on you… it might even look better on you! Also remember that celebrities have teams of stylists, photographers and magazines ready to airbrush them if they don’t look sensational! They also use wigs, hair extension and a whole range of professional products to create that “natural look” that you want to emulate. It’s cool to bring in a photo but you need to realise that that haircut or colour won’t make you look like that celebrity!
  1. “My Friend Messed Up My Hair Now I’m Coming To You”
    Every hair stylist has had one of these phone calls. It’s usually a panicked or tearful call to tell us that the client (usually blaming their friend) has dyed their hair and it’s gone wrong. “my hair’s a sort of orange colour” or “It kind of looks green”.  The problem with store bought hair dyes is that they seem so easy to apply… the girl on the box has the colour you want so you buy it right? The problem is, the colour shown on the box was achieved by applying the dye to white hair. Is your hair white? If not then you probably won’t get that colour! Next International stylists have spent years learning to colour hair and we can tell you for sure that you won’t get the same look by throwing on a box of dye. The other problem is that, depending on what you have done to your hair, it may be more costly to fix it than if you had just booked the colour in the first place. A bad home hair dye may involve several professional corrections at the salon and may damage your hair. Visit our salon for a free consultation, tell us what you want to achieve and let us handle the colour.
  1. “I Want A New Look… But Don’t Cut or Colour”
    Our hairstylists admit that this is probably the sentence that drives most Australian hairdressers crazy! A client walks in and announces that they want a new look…. awesome we love radical transformations! So we are thinking new haircut or an awesome new colour and then the client says “But don’t cut my hair I’m growing it” followed by “And I don’t want to change my colour”. Here’s the truth of it… if you want to look completely different you’re going to have to let us do “something”. At Next International we offer a full consultation before any colour or style change so we can really understand your vision. We won’t mind if you want to simply maintain your existing style or colour just don’t be disappointed by a lack of change if you won’t allow us to change anything!

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