3 Ways To Make Your Style Last Longer

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At Next International, the organic hair salon in Gold Coast Australia one question we get asked a lot is “How Can I Make My Style Last Longer?” You know that salon fresh feeling you get when you step outside and your hair feels fabulous, bouncy and radiant? Well here’s 3 ways to make your style last longer after your appointment.

  1. Invest In Colour Care Products
    Imagine painting a wall in your home a beautiful shade of red. It’s shiny, glossy and everything you wanted. Now imagine cleaning it every day with bleach… think the colour will last? Ok well apply the same analogy to your hair colour. If you have visited Next International for a beautiful new colour then you need to choose professional products designed to hold and enhance that colour. Shop bought products are often harsh and can quickly strip out your beautiful colour. Chat to our stylists about the right shampoo, conditioning and styling products for your hair.
  2. Learn To Style Your Style
    Learning to style your style is key to maintaining a beautiful new haircut. At Next International we explain to clients how to dry and style their hair to ensure that their new haircut looks as good as it did in the salon. You may need to invest in the appropriate hairbrushes and tools to help you do this but trust us.. it’s a good investment. A large barrel brush for blowdrying and a multi speed professional blowdryer are essential tools. If you continue to randomly wave your low power dryer over your wet hair and hope for a salon look it won’t happen. Learn to style your style with Next International and get ready to be salon fresh every day!
  3. Protect Your Hair
    There are many lifestyle factors that can alter the colour and condition of your hair after you leave the salon. Exposure to sunshine, sea water, chlorine and pollution can all play their part in altering its texture and shade. Excessive exposure to chlorine can leave blonde hair with a greenish tinge, whilst too much sun can lighten shades. You wear skin protection but what about your hair? Invest in a protection product such as Kérastase Soleil Masque UV Défense Active Anti-Damage Concentrate. Designed to block UV and pollution damage, this product will help prevent the hair from burning, discolouring or breaking. It’s an essential item to keep your hair looking salon fresh and in great condition. At Next International we stock the complete Kerastase range in addition to other professional products designed to keep your style looking and feeling amazing.

Talk to your Next International stylist about your lifestyle when you discuss your new haircut or colour to ensure that you wind up with a style you can maintain at home; we will be more than happy to show you the best ways to care for your hair! Book an appointment at one of our salons by clicking right HERE

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