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Bored of your brunette shade? Think that blondes are getting all the attention? At Next International salons in Gold Coast we know that brunette shades can be just as exciting as blonde shades. In fact, the catwalks are filled with pretty brunette shades this season leaving blondes in the shadows. From golden brown right the way through to raven we’ve got you covered so check out our 5 exciting brunette shades to try and get ready to call us and book your next color!

Firstly… what are the advantages of being a brunette? There are tons of them but here are our top 5…

  1. Brunettes shine more than any other shade
  2. Brunettes make more money (wrong but true)
  3. It’s cheaper to maintain brunette than blonde
  4. No nasty black roots on display after 2 weeks
  5. Brunettes wear dramatic clothing shades the best

And what about the celebrity world? The hottest celebrities in the world are brunettes just like these 5 style icons:

  1. Anne Hathaway
  2. Katy Perry
  3. Selena Gomez
  4. Alexa Chung
  5. Kate Middleton

So now it’s time to take a look at 5 exciting brunette shades to try and the best thing? You can get any one of them at Next International!

Golden Brown
If you think that brunette means plain brown, then how about golden brown… (think Jennifer Aniston). That gorgeous sunkissed golden look can be easily yours at Next International! By blending some carefully placed caramel and honey highlights we can create depth and add a glimmer of summer to your brunette locks … plus, you still get to keep your shine because the use of bleach is minimal. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly then this one is a “must have” for your inner surfer girl!

Mahogany is a really polished look which works well on all hair types. Our Next International stylists would give you a rich chocolate base first before adding a hint of cherry red in strategically placed slices. The rich chocolate is blended with the cherry to create a marbled effect which looks simply stunning. By adding some layers we can create added flair in your newly coloured hair or go for a sleek bob to really show off the shine.

No it’s not just a coffee it’s a hair colour too! Espresso looks fabulous on most skin colours but especially on Asian or dark skin. Ideally suited for very dark brunettes, your Next International stylist can lighten your hair just a few shades to achieve the Espresso look. This makes it a very natural looking colour which is also easy to maintain. For an added wow factor, try a red lipstick or hair accessory to really make this colour pop.

Chestnut is a gorgeous shade which suits hazel or deep brown eyes and flatters most skin types. Chestnut is a warm colour which we can achieve by applying an all over coour or simply by adding auburn tones to your brunette for a more subtle look. Chestnut is set to be a hot color for Spring 2016 which can be teamed up with floral fashions for a super pretty look.

Raven Brown
Ever looked at a raven’s wing and seen an almost rainbow sheen in the black? Welcome to raven brown. Raven brown is a very dark brown (almost black) which is the ultimate colour for a high shine look. Unlike some other brunette shades, this one is achieved with an all over colour but if your hair is already dark you’re your regrowth will be minimal. This is a really polished look so make sure you speak to our stylists about choosing the right products to emphasise your shine and condition. Add in a very blunt cut… a fringe if you’re brave and a patent leather band and you will be turning heads all across the Gold Coast!

Next International are the hairdressing leaders of the Gold Coast combining years of fashion, styling and colouring experience. Contact our salons by clicking here to book your consultation and choose your next brunette shade.

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