5 Summer Hair Colours That Will Be Huge in 2020

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It’s not as if hair colours ever really go out of fashion. Yes, certain shades may have their moment before the next one is celebrated as the new ‘must-have’ colour, but what is more essential than being a slave to trends is finding a colour that uniquely suits you.

At the same time, it isn’t easy to ignore the fact that the same handful of colours are looking fabulous on our favourite A-listers and gaining traction on our Instagram feeds. Because when you are keen to switch up your hair colour for summer, who said there’s anything wrong with looking to an on-trend celeb and their Insta-worthy hair colour for inspiration!

If you’re ready to lean into a new look for the coming season, we’ve put together the 5 shades that are well on their way to becoming the hottest hair colour trends for 2020. We spoke to stylists Kaylah McCausland and Brodie Palmer at Next International Salons on the Gold Coast Salons for the low down on the reasons these colours are perfect for summer and how to care for them.

Whether it’s cool chocolate brown or stepping out with dip-dyed ends that appeals to you, read on for what you need to know about the 5 hair colours you’ll see everywhere over the summer months.

Deep mahogany

This rich range of tones is still popular for the warmer days, even if a little deeper than the shades of red that were so in demand this past summer. ‘These rich reddish-brown shades look stunning on most people because they have both cool and warm undertones. This makes them ideal to almost every skin tone and eye colour,’ says McCausland.

While red hair is gorgeous, it has a tendency to fade faster than other colours. To maintain the vibrancy and shine of mahogany shades, Palmer recommends treating your locks with a colour-depositing, nourishing hair mask weekly. Kérastase’s Masque Chromatique prolongs colour between salon visits and preserves radiance.

Blended balayage

‘A very natural, blended and beachy look that’s ideal for anyone after an easy to maintain sun-kissed colour,’ says McCausland. If it’s effortless style and simplicity you’re looking for this summer, ask your hairdresser to keep your roots natural or use a root melt to melt your highlights for a natural, blended look.

To keep the look, caring for your hair post-bleach session is key. McCausland recommends prepping damp, just-washed hair with Kérastase’s 8H Magic Night Serum, an overnight leave-in serum that gives a nourishing boost to restore hair’s nutrition levels.

Dip-dyed ends

Yes, it is possible to embrace the pastel hair colour trend without entirely committing yourself to the look. The answer is dip-dyed ends. ‘Dip dye is extremely popular, not least because you can experiment with different techniques and colours,’ says Palmer. ‘If your hair is too dark, however, you will have to lighten it before dyeing it your desired shade of pastel.’

Just keep in mind that pastel colours fade reasonably fast, so if you want the colour to stay fresh, be prepared for regular touch-ups.

Cool Chocolate Brown

Put your hand up if you’re a brunette who will do anything to avoid the red and orange tones that can show up in your hair colour. If you raised both of your hands, cool chocolate brown is might just be the perfect hair colour for you this season. Seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, this brunette hue has cool ash undertones rather than warm ones.

McCausland says that a correcting ink-in-care like Kérastase’s neutralises warm red hues to a cool brown.

Warm Honey Blonde

Icy platinum may have been just the look for the winter chill, but this summer, blonde tones are showing up sweeter. From J.Lo to Beyoncé, A-listers have been warming things up by going honey blonde. ‘This shade is the perfect balance between warm and cool, as well as enhancing shine,’ says Palmer. ‘If your hair is naturally light, it will make it look healthier with less frizz.’

Although purple shampoo is an essential hair care product for blondes, due to its neutralising effect on yellow tones in hair, that is precisely what you want to avoid with a golden shade like honey blonde. Rather, keep to a colour-preserving shampoo that’s intensely moisturising such as Kérastase’s Bain Chromatique.


Want hair that’s ahead of the trend? Browse our services and schedule an appointment to get your new look for the new year! No matter which head-turning colour you want to step into 2020 with, Next International can work with you to achieve the perfect shade and style to suit your skin tone, face shape and lifestyle.



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