Disguising your silver strands

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There is no denying that there is an incredible resurgence of gorgeous grey hairstyles and we are LOVING it!

Embracing your ash strands can be wildly empowering however, for some, we need a little more time before we can adopt this fierce style.

For those of us who would like to continue touching up those silver tones for some time to come, I sat down with Mitchell Parks of Next International Salon to chat all things colour maintenance and how to ensure you are getting the best coverage, coupled with the best care for your hair.

When it comes to those first few greys that rear their head, sometimes when you least expect it, Mr Parks suggests the method of camouflage to be the ideal course of action.

“Highlighting your hair is the perfect way to execute the art of camouflaging and greys blend in perfectly with lighter highlights,” Mr Parks said.

“If done well and slowly increased over time, this method helps to transition to a lighter tone overall as the grey hairs increase, without it being a drastic overnight change.”

If you have darker hair, Parks feels semi-permanent dyes are the solution as they are less harsh than bleach and work like a temporary stain on your hair.

If you are looking to achieve complete grey coverage, Mr Parks warns the process will be time consuming however, assures the results will be well worth the wait.

“When we look to achieve 100% grey coverage we have to invest the time to ensure the best results possible,” he said.

“While permanently colouring your hair takes a few hours, it is the most effective way to offer the solution you are looking for.”

“Lasting around four to six weeks, permanent colour contains peroxide which lightens the hair, which can help you work towards another form of transition when you are ready to start embracing your ashy strands.”

Once you have completed your 100% coverage, Mr Parks suggests the Kérastase Reflection Routine to maintain your rich colour.

“The Reflection Routine is a multi-protection range for colour-treated hair with 3 levels of personalization: fibre sensitization, hair thickness and colour with Touche Chromatique.”

If you aren’t feeling quite ready to embrace your au naturel hair colour just yet, pop into Next International Salon on the Gold Coast and let Mitchell Parks and his team transform your look and send your confidence sky high!

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