Flick These 5 Nasty Hair Habits For Good

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The World Wide Web has gifted us with many things.

Instagram, Television on demand, beauty tutorials and most important of all, Memes.

In the click of a button we can access incredible knowledge and life-changing tips and tricks, however, there seems to be one area we are not researching enough, and that area is the correct care for our luscious locks.

Time constraints, coupled with varying misinformation has resulted in us neglecting what, when cared for properly, can be our best and most striking asset.

In order to separate fact from fiction and outline the absolute “Must-nots” of hair care in 2018, we spoke with Next International Salon stylist Mitchell Parks.


Tying Up Wet Hair


“Tying up wet hair is one of the worst mistakes people make as hair is 70 percent more fragile when wet,” Mr Parks said.

Given this thinking, treating hair carefully when it is wet is imperative to avoid damage.

“Your hair stretches when it’s wet, how far depends on the condition and elasticity. When you tie your hair up and it starts to dry, it contracts, causing friction between the band and your hair, which causes breakage.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that hair is especially fragile after swimming in the salty ocean so, if you need to tie your hair up, wrap or gently knot your hair in a scarf for a look that is not only fierce and on-trend but ensures maximum care for your hair!


Over Drying


“There is a big disconnect between what constitutes overdrying when it comes to our hair,” Parks said.

Placing direct heat on your hair for too long is not a good idea as it can lead to frizzy, dull hair from lack of moisture and surface cuticle damage.

“When drying, you must be sure to direct the nozzle down the cuticle of your hair. Also, a heat protectant is an absolute must!”

When initially drying your hair, Parks suggests dabbing your hair with the towel, as opposed to aggressive rubbing to further avoid cuticle damage.



Using Supermarket Shampoo


You have heard it time and time again, but it seems the message isn’t sticking, according to Next International Stylist Mitchell Parks. “Supermarket shampoo is a nightmare to fix in the salon,” he said.

“Shampoo is basically a detergent, stripping all the oils, from the hair. Conditioner then deposits a thick film of silicone on the hair.”

“If you are experiencing dull-looking hair or have fine hair that is weighed down, supermarket shampoo is most definitely the cause.”

“It also changes the porosity of the hair, prevent colours to process evenly and can cause patchy colour.

“The hair should not feel slippery after one use.

“A high-grade product, will gradually rebuild the structure of the hair, moisturise and seal the cuticle.

“This doesn’t happen overnight.”




Like myself, you may be surprised to learn that over-washing your hair is not a good thing. Although a good hair wash is great for making you feel like you have your life in order, over-washed hair actually over-activates the sebaceous glands telling them to produce more oil as the natural oil is being stripped away with every wash. “Add a cheaper, supermarket shampoo into the mix, and you have yourself another level of trouble,” Mr Parks said. He suggests rinsing your hair or try using dry shampoo more often to aid in your hair regaining its natural oils and ultimately resulting in healthier hair.




With winter around the corner, warmer tones are set to take centre stage. With this arrival on the scene, over-toned hair is being left behind with the warmer weather.

While there are many people out there who will still be looking to maintain blonde hair, Mr Parks offers some sage advice. “When using purple products to tone the hair, the violet counteracts yellow to maintain a whiter or creamier blonde.

“When there is no yellow in the hair for the violet to counteract, the hair grabs the violet tone, which can appear dull and stops reflecting light.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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