How to Get the Most Out of Your Hairdressing Splurge

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Having beautiful hair, is a costly commodity. We know this. As professionals in the industry, in no way are we in denial about the percentage of your monthly budget, which is allocated towards your hair, and the service we provide. Next International is extremely conscious of this, hence why we have developed our new VIP membership. An initiative designed to lessen the blow of a trip to the salon, with small weekly deductions, based upon your regular service – please speak with your stylist, for more information.

Although, this is a great way to help with the budgeting, and ensures for a far more relaxing exit from our salon. Your money is still being spent, and for most our clients the amount is quite significant. So, we surveyed our senior stylists, to find out which critical errors people encounter upon a trip to the salon – potentially bringing undue harm to their bank accounts, and physical beauty.

1.There is always going to be a new style trend in the hair industry. Propagated by some new celebrity icon – more than likely of no significant talent, or benefit to society. And, when these trends surface, through the means of a Red-Carpet event, or Instagram holiday getaway. The floodgates open, and every client and their dog, want the new look. Unfortunately, the first rule in any section of beauty styling, is that no two people are the same. Which means, it would be near impossible to create a look which would be suitable for everyone. It is important, to take into consideration when deciding on a new colour, cut, or complete makeover how that look will suit you. Everyone is individually different, bringing with them their own flaws, strengths, and idiosyncrasies.

  1. There is a good portion of the looks which are high trending on social media, from celebrities, or Instagram stars which are extremely high maintenance. If your job is to take selfies all day, do makeup tutorials, and barely change out of your tracksuit pants – darn those full body mirror shots, it must be so hard being a Jenner. Then you could spend three, to four hours every morning preparing your hair and makeup. However, unfortunately, most of us do not have enough follows to lead this extravagant lifestyle of leisure. So, instead it is wise to take into consideration how much time you can allocate each morning to doing your hair, and preparing your new look. Time is the most valuable commodity, so use it wisely, and think of how important it is to have a trending haircut, if it is sucking up a significant amount of your precious time each morning.
  1. We strongly encourage our clients to seek out what they are looking for. And, bring to us as many references for us to work from. This not only allows a more visual understanding of what you are striving to achieve, but it also allows for a visual aid when communicating with you, how the look will work for you. Get pictures from Instagram, Pinterest, or twitter. Do some research, find “the look”.
  2. Hair history, is as important to us, as medical history is to a doctor. We need to know if six months ago, you drank a little too much wine, bleached your hair from black to blonde – at home, unsupervised – before recoiling at the orange, and covering it again with brown. It is important to know what has happened to your hair, for us to assess our plan of action.

Please provide us with any information about your hair you have. No one, not even us, knows and understand your hair, like you.

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