Great loose curls, with no heating iron involved

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Hair styles come and go, but it seems like curls are always in. Even when straightening irons reigned supreme, it would be near impossible to look unstylish, should you have beautiful loose curls, falling to the sides of your face. Those dead straight days are long in our past now, and curls are more sort out than ever before.

Although the perfect style can come at a price, and that price should not have to be your hairs health. Some of us are in transitional stages with our hair, often leaving it in vulnerable positions, as we go from dark to light. When we are in these stages, sometimes we do not wish to cause further damage by meticulously heat styling, day in and day out.

Here is a guide, on how you can achieve a loose curled look without picking up a curling wand, or iron. For this exercise, we recommend using Kerastase Discipline Oleo Curl Cream. If you are looking to achieve this look, it is a great idea to speak with your Next International stylist about it, to look at what products will work best for you.

Apply the Disciple Oleo Curl Cream to dried hair. Section the hair in to two halves, clipping them in place.

Take a section of around five centimetres from the bottom half, and wrap it around your two fingers. What we want to emulate is the action of a curling wand. We should move right up to the base of our head, pinning it in place. As per a curling iron, wrapping tighter, and pinning tighter, will create a tighter curl.

We want to move onto the next five-centimetre section, and wrap it in the opposite direction. This should be alternated with each new section, until to first half is completed.

Once we have pinned the bottom half, we move on to the top and repeat the same steps. We then want to spray our whole head with hairspray. We should then wait at least an hour before removing the pinned curls. We want our hair to be completely dry, before we do this. The longer we let it sit, the tighter it will be. This is easily something that can be done before bed, and left in overnight.

This is great alternative method to traditional overnight rollers, and gives a much looser, and more modern look.

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