Hottest hair colour trends of 2018

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For years we have been bound by the seasons when it comes to hair colour trends.

To match a fairer and more porcelain skin-tone in the winter, it was always suggested a darker hue, and to make the most of summer’s sunshine and radiance – lighter colours came highly recommended.

However, thanks to trends such as balayage and a new-found love for caramels and brondes, these outdated rulebooks have been thrown out the window, with ladies encouraged to rock whatever hair colour leaves them feeling fierce and fulfilled, regardless of the season.

With so many colour options currently sweeping the fashion and beauty landscape, we consulted Next International Salon’s very own colour professional, Mitchell Parks, who caps off on the hottest colour trends for 2018.

Pour yourself a cuppa and settle in for a colour masterclass from the best in the business and prepare to be wowed by this year’s vivid and truly striking colour palette.

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Sun-kissed Blonde


Celebrity inspiration: Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Description: “I would describe this colour as a sandy, dark blonde base with golden blonde highlights,” said Mr Parks.

“Framing your face with highlights is essential for this look to work.

“Lightening the ends of your hair and coming in again with a lighter tone around the hairline is what gives the style oomph.”

Who it works for: Parks said, “If you are a darker blonde in your hair’s natural state, this look is perfect for you. It is very generous when it comes to dying of the hair as it offers a good transition phase.”

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Celebrity inspiration: Eva Green

Description: Eva Green rocks the Carob colour like no other. Offering a sultry and striking look, this almost-black hue is an absolute winner. Mr Parks suggests a semi-permanent for best results in this regard as it gives great shine and rich colour.

“Best of all, maintenance is not needed with this colour, unless you are going through a drastic transition from red or blonde,” Mr Parks said.

Who it works for: “This hue is a dream for women with darker, olive skin tones and general colouring.”

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Copper Fire


Celebrity inspiration: Christina Hendricks

Description: IF you are looking to make a head-turning statement, you cannot go past this striking ‘Copper Fire’. “Given this colours vibrancy, a higher peroxide volume may be needed to really do this gorgeous colour justice. When it comes to maintenance of this hue, glosses in between will ensure the colour remains as striking as possible and lives up to its vibrant potential.”

Who it works for: “IF you are dark blonde or lighter, through to soft red or strawberry – this colour is perfect for you. Fairer skin tones are a must for this colour. It may take a little coaxing as it isn’t your stock standard hue, but it is a decision you will certainly not regret.”

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Caramel/cinnamon Brunette


Celebrity inspiration: Eva Longoria

Description: “All I can say for this colour is ‘wow. If you want to make a statement and you naturally throw to a darker tone, this is your colour for 2018. Start with a nice, warm, chocolate brown applied to regrowth and full foils. To then create the striking essence of this colour, toners would be used for buttery caramels to peep through and warm coppers to show their colours,” Mr Parks said.

Who it works for: Again, this is great for women with darker skin tones and who are naturally darker-toned with their hair.

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Caramel and Chocolate concoction


Celebrity inspiration: Naomi Harris

Description: “Balayage technique features heavily in this sweet colour mixture,” Mr Parks said. “Low maintenance; this look is formulated with highlights drawing on both foil and balayage techniques. Be careful to rid the hair of the reddish tones, as this detracts heavily from the overall finished look.”

Who it works for: Thankfully, due to this colour combinations versatility – it works for all base hair colours and skin tones!

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Millennial Rose-Gold


Celebrity inspiration: Kesha

Description: According to Mr Parks, this look takes quite a bit to achieve but when done correctly, it can be a real winner. “What makes this colour remarkable is the subtle variations of pink throughout,” he said.

“And while striking, it takes a bit to achieve. Firstly, the hair must be lifted to a level 10 blonde.

“This works to remove the “yellow” from the hair.”

“Then the hair needs to be toned in three parts.

“The front hairline must be toned in rose-gold. The rest of the hair is toned with a light pastel pink and then finally a root smudge takes placed. A root smudge gives depth in the root and creates a less polished look.”

Who it works for: Finer hair is great for this look as the lengths needed to go to in order to achieve the best possible colour, may not take so well on harsher, more coarse hair. Light hair through to medium brown is the ideal colouring for such a look.

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Ultra Violet

Celebrity inspiration: Justine Skye

Description: According to Mr Parks, we can expect to see this colour everywhere! That being said, if taking it on, be prepared for maintenance and conditioning, conditioning and some more conditioning. “I expect to see this colour take off in 2018 however, some bleaching is required for the best and most vibrant version of this colour, so after-care is crucial to this tone’s success.

Who it works for: This colour works for anyone bold enough to take on the challenge however, darker skin tones would complement the colour a little more.

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Icey Blonde


Celebrity inspiration: Kris Jenner

Description: Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian-West and Cara Delevingne have taken this colour and ran with it this year and it is making waves across the beauty industry. According to Mr Parks, the most important step to this colour is lifting your natural colour.

“This colour is accomplished by lifting the natural hair until it reaches the pale, yellow state. Follow up with a strong yellow controlling toner.”

Who it works for: Given the immense toll this look can take on your hair, this is ideal for clients with short hair. When it comes to skin-tone – it is incredibly versatile and can work for porcelain, through to olive.

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True Grey


Celebrity inspiration: Helen Mirren

Description: There is nothing more attractive than a woman with grey hair who is absolutely rocking it! This colour is all about the toner, and is formulated through heavily highlighting the hair and toning until you reach a gorgeous, natural tone.

Who it works for: Conditioning and toning regularly are key to maintaining this look. It is recommended for the lady who exudes confidence and sophistication.

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Vivid duo-tone


Celebrity inspiration: Lady Gaga

Description: “If you are going through a real state of boredom with your hair colour, vivid duo-tone is the answer to all of your prayers,” Mr Parks said.

“While the lifespan is short, this is a great way to mix things up and make a real statement in 2018.”

“This look is achieved by colouring with highlights that start a little way off your regrowth area. Once the highlights are toned and reach a bright blonde, the accent colour can be placed. The appeal of this style is a soft, juxtaposed look which gives an overall striking appearance.

Who it works for: This is another look that works for anyone brave enough to take on the challenge, Mr Parks Said.

“Do be prepared to condition a lot to keep colours vivid,” he said.

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