Itchy Scalp Tips On How To Take Care Of It

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There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and your scalp is no exception. Whether it’s sensitivity or itchiness, our Specifique range is specially formulated to target scalp-related issues and deliver effective relief. So if you’re forever multi-tasking or constantly on the go, take a moment to indulge and re-establish some balance.

Treating the problem at the root

Life in the city certainly has its perks – gastronomy, culture, music, the list is endless – but environmental factors such as pollution can be particularly stressful for your scalp. Using a hypoallergenic purifying shampoo such as the Bain Vital Dermo Calm if your hair is dry, gently eliminate the day’s impurities and soothe the feeling of itchiness and sensitivity. Both hypoallergenic formulas are silicone-free and contain key active ingredients such as calophyllum oil which acts as an effective moisturising and anti-inflammatory agent.

Hydration is key

We all know the drill – drink more water and stay hydrated! When it comes to an itchy scalp, dryness can be one of your worst enemy and your lifestyle can sometimes be the culprit. For example, ‘drying your hair from that early morning swim, or sitting all day in an air-conditioned office can strip your hair of the moisture it needs to stay healthy-looking and full of vitality. After cleansing, replenish and hydrate your scalp by applying the Masque Hydra-Apaisant directly to the scalp. It’s an intense treatment enriched with L-Carnosine and Vitamin E that works to re-balance moisture levels and provide instant relief.

And if you feel you need to go one step further, try our Cure Apaisante for an intensive four week treatment to soothe your scalp or head to your nearest Kérastase salon to experience our Spécifique Protocole for sensitive scalps- you’re in safe hands!

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