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Toners for blonde hair

Tired of wearing the same blonde hair color? Here is the low-down on using toners to change up your blonde … … all that’s left to decide is icy white…

7 no-heat ways to get natural curly hair

Women have been curling their hair without heat-styling tools for centuries! Tight ringlets, big and bouncy curls, soft beach waves – curls are amazing. Better still, they’re flattering to most hair…

How to look after your colour-treated hair

Whether you’re a fan of platinum blonde, brunette, black, red, or you love a bold new colour trend (rainbow tresses anyone?), hair that’s been colour-treated needs a little TLC if…

A Top Salon’s Long-hair Secrets

If we’re going to take advice from anyone about looking after long hair, it’s the expert team at Next International salons on the Gold Coast. They’ve been sharing with us…

The Ideal Hair Mask for Your Exact Hair Type

Summer is well underway and while we’re totally relishing in beach chillin’ and poolside frolicking, the constant beating your mane suffers from UV rays and prolonged exposure to pool chemicals…