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A Top Salon’s Long-hair Secrets

If we’re going to take advice from anyone about looking after long hair, it’s the expert team at Next International salons on the Gold Coast. They’ve been sharing with us…

The Ideal Hair Mask for Your Exact Hair Type

Summer is well underway and while we’re totally relishing in beach chillin’ and poolside frolicking, the constant beating your mane suffers from UV rays and prolonged exposure to pool chemicals…

Disguising your silver strands

There is no denying that there is an incredible resurgence of gorgeous grey hairstyles and we are LOVING it! Embracing your ash strands can be wildly empowering however, for some,…

Flick These 5 Nasty Hair Habits For Good

The World Wide Web has gifted us with many things. Instagram, Television on demand, beauty tutorials and most important of all, Memes. In the click of a button we can…