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Kerastase Aura Botanica

Aura Botanica, is Kerastase’s natural origin haircare range. Aura Botanica’s specialised natural formula is best suited for hair which is dull, frizzy, and dry to the touch. The range is…

Top Men’s Grooms, for Winter Beards

We know that over the winter time, men tend to believe it is appropriate to avoid shaving, and grow themselves a scruffy beard. While facial hair is a great look,…


Social media has played a big role in driving up storms in the haircare industry over the last few years. Perhaps, one of the most wildly endorsed products on social…

15 Celebrity Balayage Inspirations for March

Gina Rodriguez – Her red carpet styles’ strong waves accentuate her balayaged colour.Halle Berry – Her balayaged shag benefits from the added depth, despite its short cut.Chrissy Teigen

5 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Hair

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day is approaching and here at Next International we are getting excited! Not because we want the flowers and chocolates but because we have a ton of…