The most popular haircut on pintrest right now

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For many years the main point of inspiration for most of our clients has been celebrity magazines, and the ever-changing styles of those inside. Although, since the evolution of the internet has transformed the way we access all our information, it would make sense that it has also changed how find inspiration for our next look.

The rise of social media, and sites like Pinterest has given insight into what styles are truly trending around the world. With new media icons driving the way, inspiring us from their small platforms.

Recently, Pinterest revealed their tops haircuts. And, although this is somewhat fluctuating as the pins compete with one another, the tousled lob has remained a staple.

This is a cut that is very layered. Although, this might sound off putting, it is a great way to ease into a shorter style. The style can be achieved with lots of texture, creating a light weight throughout the cut. This is achievable with a razor on the ends of the hair, although your Next International Stylist may adjust their technique according to your hair type.

If you are hoping to add to the cut, the style is often accompanied by a balayage-esque look – evidently a style that does not seem to want to die out anytime soon. If going from long to short, it might be best that we put the highlights in after the cut. This will save time, and money.

The benefit of teaming the two looks together, is that it creates a depth around the face with textured layers, and lightened ends.

The team at Next International are always using the latest mediums to find inspiration for their art. Creating new and exciting looks for our clients, is what drives our passion. We encourage our clients to be on the lookout for social media trends which inspire them, to try something new and exciting.

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