As any and all new mum’s can attest to; finding time for self-maintenance whilst firmly in the grip of the “newborn daze” falls in the realms of impossibility.

Along with other once-taken-for-granted luxuries such as enjoying coffee whilst actually hot and sleeping a blissful eight hours each night; finding the time to take care of your hair well-and-truly falls by the wayside when your precious bundle arrives.

However, thanks to the modern-day miracle that is the striking bob and Kerastase Powder Bluff Dry Shampoo – you can pull off a head-turning style with minimal effort.

And while an hour of seated relaxation and adult interaction is surely all the encouragement you need – there is a greater benefit associated with getting the post-pregnancy chop at the Gold Coast’s Next International.

If women don’t go through enough during pregnancy – think swollen ankles, excruciating heartburn and cravings that would see them happily sacrifice their unborn child for an Oreo McFlurry – hair loss is another common symptom.

With this loss comes the risk of hair tourniquets, which often occur when hairs are lost loosely inside socks or mittens, threatening to cut off circulation.

Given our little ones’ close proximity to us and their inability to let us know when something is wrong, this poses a risk to our newest and most precious arrival.

So, taking the time out to refresh your look will not only leave you feeling and looking great, but it will put your mind at ease knowing you have sought the help of professionals to do away with any pesky loose hairs.

Plus, thanks to the likes of Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne and Jennifer Lawrence – the Mum Bob has never looked more fierce.

Don’t waste any more time attempting to nail a greasy messy bun or mastering the finicky French braid, embrace the excuse and discover the time-saving world of the chic Mum Bob.

See below for some serious short hair inspiration which is sure to have you reaching for your phone and booking in your date with reinvention.

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