Spice up your spring with these stunning colour palettes

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With Spring in full swing, now is the perfect time to freshen up your look with a striking new colour and get set to tackle summer head on with luscious locks that make you look as fabulous as you feel.

While we often focus on revamping our hairstyle, Mitchell Parks of Gold Coast’s Next International Salon feels a new colour is as good as a holiday and can help those of us attached to our length enjoy the excitement of transformation without needing to go for the chop!

Below he lets us in on his five favourite colour trends we can expect to see a lot of in the coming months.


If like many, you are caught in the trap of having dark hair but wanting to brighten up your look for the spring and summer months, ombre is a great way to go.

“The beauty of ombre is the fact that it is incredibly low maintenance,” Mr Parks said.

“Basically, your dark roots are left to do what they do best, look fierce and dark and so up-keep is minimal.”

For the dark-haired ladies amongst us, this look is a god-send in the colour and maintenance stakes.

Cinnamon Highlights

Following on from our ombre loving, another colour trend that is topping the list this season is one which looks as good on our donuts as it does in our hair, yes ladies, you guessed it…cinnamon!

Another great choice for the darker haired ladies amongst us, this look lends itself to ombre or an all over colour solution.

“This look is great for the warmer months as it is summery and fresh, without being dramatic,” Mr Parks said.

“You’ll want to spend as much time as you can in the sun showing it off as it reflects the light beautifully.”

Golden Blonde

To say gold is the new black would be an understatement! It is showing up in statement clutches, make-up palettes and niche accessory details the world over, so it’s only fair we transitioned it into the hair space for the upcoming seasons.

According to Mr Parks, this is an ideal look for blondes and light brown-haired ladies to try.

“This is an incredibly forgiving colour and transitions between light and dark-skinned individuals seamlessly,” he said.

“Up-keep isn’t completely carefree, but the stunning colour palette is well worth the investment.”

Sun-Kissed Highlights

Is there any louder way to scream “spring is here” than with sun-kissed highlights?

While we used to effortlessly and unwittingly adopt this look as kids in summer with all of the playing we did outside, adult life has stripped us of this, so we need a little help to achieve this colour.

“The key to this look is to ensure it frames your face,” Mr Parks said.

“It is low-maintenance and subtle but there is no denying how on-trend and striking it is for the spring and summer seasons.


Debuting a “sweet like chocolate palette” offers an extremely versatile look that transitions season to season easily.

However, according to Mr Parks, there is one area which is overlooked when dyeing hair chocolate and it is critical to the colour’s overall success.

“Golden undertones are a must for chocolate hair,” he said.

“They offer an unmatched richness and keep the colour vibrant and fresh.”

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