Tequila Sunrise Shade: Happy Hour for your Hair

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When it comes to self-expression, there is no more dramatic way to show your true colours than to take the popular saying at face value and literally get crazy with colour.

Having your hair do the talking for you is all the rage of late, with gold hair and rainbow shades sweeping the scene and showing off one’s creativity and boldness whilst doing so.

And with the last of our summer days slowly slipping away from us, now is the time to grip on for dear life to the last this amazing season has to offer and embrace the vibrant new hue that is ‘Tequila Sunrise’.

Aptly named, this new hair shade is sure to have you getting as much attention as the popular cocktail itself and oozing an effervescent aura well into the autumn months.

According to Next International Salon Stylist Brittany Parks, warm skin tones help to make the Tequila Sunrise colour really pop, with green or brown eye colouring the third element to this triple-threat, head-turning look.

And while the warmer-skin-toned ladies are already racing to book their appointment for some Tequila-Sunrise-loving, fairer females do not despair; this look is not out of reach for you either!

“For the fairer skin tones this look is still definitely achievable,” Mrs Parks said.

“Be sure to keep some of your natural shade in the hair, even if it’s a small amount of regrowth, as this will help to offset the warmer colour choice.”

For those unsure whether they are ready for a colour change as dramatic as the tantalising Tequila Sunrise, Mrs Parks suggests trying a demi-colour which will help you get an introductory feel to this gorgeous shade, before jumping head-first into the deep end.

“Starting with a colour that is a little less bold will help with the adjustment phase and give you a good taste of Tequila Sunrise (pardon the pun),” she said.

“Give Colour Me Apricot a whirl, this will add gorgeous shine and shimmer to your hair that combines the best of apricot and metallic shades.”

With all this talk of Tequila Sunrises, it might just be time to enjoy one…but before you do, take a look at the cocktail’s hair colour equivalent, as achieved by the fantastic and talented team at The Gold Coast’s Next International Salon.

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