That Festival Feeling: Take your Luscious Locks Up A Notch With These 15 Festival Hair Hacks

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When the Splendour line-up was announced last month, festival goers Australia-wide squealed with excitement as they perused the impressive list, picturing themselves front and centre at what is sure to be a sell-out event.

And while securing your tickets is always the first phase of action, the planning of your festival look kicks in not long after.

If, like Splendour, the festival is a two-day-affair, taming your mane and keeping it looking fresh can prove quite the challenge however, thanks to the array of changing festival styles currently on the scene, think pixie glamour, glitter goddesses and the wistful desert vibes currently sweeping the scene, you can rock a fierce festival style, all event long.

To help pique excitement levels and kick your festival look planning into gear, we have taken inspiration from right around the world for head-turning festival hair

1.Top Knot With a Twist

Rocking a do that requires your hair to be down at a festival is certainly possible however, if it is a particularly warm day – opt for a twisted top knot that will not only ensure minimal fuss and that you stay cool – but will be versatile with various outfits and ensure your overall ensemble is bang on trend!

2.Flawless Flower Crow

When all is wrong in the world, you can always rely on a flower crown to lift your spirits. And the same mentality can be applied to festival hair. If you are at a loss, trust in the magical powers of a flower crown to elevate your look. The only rule, go big or go home!

3.Side Barettes

For a simple yet effective look, pop some barrettes in place to secure your fringe, get creative with a little glitter spray or a bright dye and get set to festival!

4.Relaxed low-pony

This look is as appropriate for a casual Sunday Session as it is a headlining festival. Add ribbons or a long scarf to add more body and help change up your look day-to-day.

5.Flowing Bubble Pony

If you have long hair but aren’t sure how to have it festival friendly, this option could just be the perfect fit. The Bubble Pony works wonders for creating a look that is fun yet fuss-free.

6.Natural with clips

If you are lucky enough to have naturally full-bodied hair – opt for a high pony with snap clips to complete the look.

7.All that glitters

A little glitter in the hairline can take your look from drab to fab. This detracts from the intricacies of what exact style you have chosen, meaning you can play it low-key and carefree, but let the glitter do the talking in fun stakes

8.Boho Braids

What would a festival in 2018 be without a few boho braids? Versatile and absolutely suited to a festival that spans a few days, you cannot underestimate this fierce style. The better is that this look is only enhanced when it is unkempt, so rock it as long as you can

9.Rainbow Locks

Bright strips of colour are a great look for a festival.Opt for the temporary dye for a short-lived look or commit to the whole hog if you’re feeling brave enough!


When it comes to those dreamy desert vibes, look no further than the slick-stick-pony. Slick hair back with gel and secure into a low ponytail. Fold the ponytail in half, then wrap with faux leather string or similar.

11.Half-up bun

Whether attending a festival or not, the half-up bun has swept the scene throughout 2017/18 and there is goo news for festival goers – it is here to stay. This look is fabulous for festivals as it offers the best of both the up-do and down-do looks!

12.Glittery raver buns

What’s better than one bun? Two! These cute raver buns have been a festival favourite for a long time and for goos reason! They look incredible and are care-free. Don’t forget to add glitter for good measure!

13.Au Natural

Why not buy some product that enhances your hair’s natural elements and opt for the totally natural look? A quick spray or pump in the morning and a little brush through and you’ll be set to go, selling and looking ab fab!

14.Inverted Side French Braid

One thing with festival hair is it can be sticky! Get hair off your face and neck with one-sided inverted French braid. Start at the crown and wrap around toward the nape of your neck, securing with bobby pins.

15.Hawk it

For short-haired ladies wanting to join in the fun but feeling limited with options, the faux hawk has you covered. Change up your festival hair and implement this in your arsenal and you will never look back!

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