The Ultimate Blonde Beauty Sleep

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Serum Cicanuit defies the reality of blonde care, making it nearly effortless to insure that faux blonde stays soft and bright. All you have to do is put it in and go to sleep! The serum packs the moisturizing power of a hair mask in an innovative, easy-to-use formula that doesn’t require washing or wetting.

A few pumps applied at night provides progressive nutrient penetration and magically disappears by morning. Et voila! Hair is soft, tangle-free with a satin finish, infused with a lasting fragrance that enhances daytime activities. With consistent nightly use, Serum Cicanuit keeps blonde hair healthy and soft, straight through to the next salon visit.

Overnight protection

The friction of the pillow can damage sensitized hair, making the cuticle rough, while heat and air conditioning cause dry conditions that dehydrate hair. Serum Cicanuit protects from external factors that deplete and damage the hair.

Extended penetration

Nighttime is an ideal opportunity to condition hair since the typical 8 hours of downtime allows nutrients to penetrate fully and replace the moisture stripped away during the day by styling and environmental factors.

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