Top 10 tips for an ‘out of the salon’ look after your appointment

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If you’ve ever wondered how to rock that perfect ‘just stepped out of the salon’ look
at home, the dab-hand team at Next International Salons on the Gold Coast are here to tell you.

We all know the story. You walk out of the salon feelin’ the love for your new haircut and excited about all the new styles you want to try.

There’s just one hitch: while it seems so easy for your stylist to wave their brushes and blow-dryers to achieve your fabulous ‘do, when you go to try one out, it’s not the same. Where did you go wrong?

The answer lies in a few golden hair-care rules you may not be following, including your choice of product, styling tools, and the effort you go to.

Here are some top tips you can follow to capture the same ‘just stepped out’ magic created at your salon visit!

1. Know your hair type

Certain styles, hair-care regimens and products are suitable for particular hair types and textures. For hair that is super fine or frizzy, you may not necessarily be able to step out with that celebrity style you just saw on your Instagram feed, especially if your hair type and texture is different from theirs.

2. Choose the right shampoo

The best shampoo for your hair will depend on its condition, texture, volume, and the type of colour or treatments you have done. If you’re unsure which is the correct one for you, your hairdresser has a wealth of experience and knowledge about the shampoo to keep your hair looking in tip-top shape.

3. Rinse properly

It is important to rinse well to make sure you’re not leaving any hair product remnants behind. These can also dull your hair and cause your scalp to become dry. Rinse until you don’t feel any residue to ensure that it’s totally clean by systematically going over each area and applying the shower stream from different angles.

4. Wash in moderation

While it’s essential to keep your locks clean, this doesn’t mean you should shampoo and condition your hair every single day, especially if it’s followed by a blow-dry each time you wash. Shampooing too much strips the body’s natural oils that condition and protect your hair from the inside.

5. Use hot tools on thoroughly dried hair

Using curling tongs or a straightening iron on your hair while it still has traces of moisture can damage it. Make sure that all the water has gone from your hair before you let the full heat of styling tools to pass through your tresses.

6. Select hair-type specific styling products

When choosing hair-styling products, look for ones formulated to match your individual hair type and texture. Find out what specialty products your stylist used to create your favourite ‘out of the salon’ look and ask them to give you the details.

7. Invest in first-rate tools

Among the reasons your hairdresser is able to achieve sensational results is because of the quality tools they use. Having a selection of professional brushes and top-notch styling tools such as ionic dryers and ceramic straightening irons on hand will help to recreate those results at home.

8. Understand key product application steps

Approach your hair care routine in the same way you do your makeup by applying the lightest products first and following up with the heavier ones. The top tip is to begin by hydrating your hair with a ‘moisturiser’, before touching up with a wax or mousse which are considered ‘foundation’ products.

9. Get the hang of your tools

For great hair, you not only need to have the best styling tools at your fingertips, but you need to know how to use them properly. Just having them in the house won’t give you the beautiful, pro hair you want if you don’t learn their correct use.

10. Switch up your pillowcase

Silk pillowcases maintain your ‘out of the salon’ hair for longer, allowing you to get back to looking glamorous with less effort in the morning. Pillowcases made from cotton or a poly blend can push the shape out of your freshly styled mane, especially if you use hairspray.

As stylists, we want our clients to look and feel their best not just on the day they get their hair done, but every day. Whatever your hair type, the expert team at Next International can show you the right steps, products and tools to put your best follicle forward and get your hair looking like you visited a pro.



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