We’ve all been there… after a long, hard day at the office, we slump in the couch with an extra-large wine in hand, only to suddenly remember the looming reality that is not only washing our long locks, but blow-drying them out before bed.

We then spend a good fifteen minutes weighing up the chances anyone will notice the grease-filled bun atop our head, only to concede and begrudgingly make our way to the bathroom.

Well, thankfully – the days of forcing ourselves to endure this unique kind of hell are over – with the experts kindly informing us that we can now adopt the catchphrase “wet hair, don’t care!”

Contrary to the advice of our mothers’ and grandmothers’, who believed sleeping with wet hair would cause the ends to become damaged and break, it seems we can now pop in for a quick hair wash and return to our extra-large wine feeling guilt-free and fresh.

To help wade through the confusion, I sat down with stylist Mitchell Parks of Next International Salon on the Gold Coast.

And let me tell you, it’s good news all round!

“Going to bed with wet hair is fine,” he said.

“It can actually have a lot of unique benefits.”

“If you head to bed with damp hair, your wave pattern will be enhanced or for those with straight hair, a wavy look might be achieved.”

“Further to this, it often helps give a more natural and lived-in look. The heat generated from blow-drying your hair removes the hair’s natural oils, so letting it dry naturally is a good decision when it comes to the overall health of your hair. Hair structure will remain intact if allowed to naturally dry and will keep it from splitting and drying out.”

And while this is certainly music to all of our ears – Parks was quick to stipulate that hair should, at best, only be damp.

“Be sure not to towel dry your hair roughly, no one wants frizz and this is a sure-fire way to get that. Squeeze the water out of your hair very gently until it is not dripping wet, but damp. I also recommend staying away from heavy oils, which tend to coat the cuticle and are only a temporary solution that make hair seem healthier than it is.”

If, like many of us, squeezing out the water and hitting the hay with only slightly damp hair still has no effect on it drying out overnight, Parks suggests a quick, high-heat, low-speed blow dry to achieve the same results without too much fuss.

“Once the hair is dry, release the set, shake it out gently, and add a lightweight styling product, such as a working hairspray or styling creme.”

Lastly, if you are wanting to maximise the potential of your new no-fuss look, Parks suggests some great hairstyles specific for wet hair which are sure to see you turn heads.

“You cannot go past hair wraps for controlling frizz, but offering a natural look. If you are wanting to go the extra mile in summer and nail the beach wave, section out your hair and wrap them separately. Also, never underestimate a simple, three-strand braid for a striking, yet organic wave.”

And as we all know, if all else fails, products are always there to save the day.

For frizzy hair that needs controlling, Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime Complete Anti-Frizz will literally change your life.

This product leaves your hair smooth, bouncy and manageable and works for fine, right through to coarse, hair.

If limp hair is your daily battle, Kerastase Resistance Volumifique Volume Expansion Spray will be the answer to all of your prayers.

This gift to all fine-haired women covers hair strands with Polymers which deliver body and volume; unveiling fuller, thicker and deliciously luscious locks.

Ladies, it’s time to stop the internal guilt tripping, embrace this new information and devote the hours we previously spent blow-drying on the really important things in life…like our extra-large glass of wine!

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