Why Chocolate Hair Colour is The Perfect Choice For Winter

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Chocolate hair colour is one of the most popular shades for colder weather on the Gold Coast. But why? Here we look at the top reasons why chocolate hair is gaining steam, how you can get in on the trend this year.

Three reasons to love chocolate hair colour

1. Warmth. The slight hint of red undertones in chocolate help to bring out the warmth in your complexion. This also explains why certain cool shades of hair colour (or the wrong one for your skin tone) can do the opposite: draining your face of warmth and making you look tired and ashen. Not so with chocolate!

2. Radiance. Freshly coloured chocolate hair colour is great for reflecting the light. This then makes the hair appear fuller and more voluminous – great for people with fine or thinning hair looking for an instant boost.

3. Thickness. Brown hair colour is gentler on your hair than lightening. Permanent lightening requires the cuticles of the hair shaft to be lifted and the natural colour removed underneath. Going darker, however, involves colour being deposited onto the hair shaft. Some people even find their hair feels healthier and thicker after dying it brunette.

Different chocolate shades to suit your skin

There isn’t just one shade of chocolate hair colour! Your stylist will create exactly the right combination of pigments to suit your hair hopes and skin tone.

Chocolate hair colour with caramel highlights: if you’re going from blonde to chocolate, or simply want a few bright streaks to give your hair dimension, this could be your solution. Caramel isn’t too far from chocolate on the colour spectrum, so the highlights won’t look to harsh.

Dark chocolate hair colour: For a really rich hair colour that will keep you warm through the winter seasons, opt for a deep dark chocolate shade. To keep the shine whatever the weather, apply a few drops of serum after washing. We love the Liss Control Plus serum by Tecni.ART.

Milk chocolate hair colour: A more neutral alternative when it comes to chocolate hair colour is a milk chocolate version. It has fewer red tones, so really suits those with naturally cool undertones to their skin.

5 ways to wear warm brown winter hair

So once winter rolls around again you’re going to book an appointment with your stylist to take your hair to a new shade of chocolate brown. But how are you going to style it? Here are five of our favourite ways to wear this beautiful brunette colour…

1) Wavy bob: give your bob a boost with a modern matte finish using the Super Dust powder by Tecni.ART. Simply sprinkle into your palms and run through the lengths for mattified volume.

2) Big bouncy curls: if your hair isn’t naturally curly, no problem. helps you create voluminous and natural-looking curls.

3) Textured pixie: short hair? Chocolate hair colour gives body and shine to short hair cuts. Consider trying a cool or neutral shade for a really contemporary look.

4) Sleek and straight: show off your brunette radiance with long sleek locks. If you use a hair iron, be sure to apply heat protectant beforehand to prevent any hair damage.

5) Fishtail braid: a braid is a great way to showcase the different tones in your hair – perfect for chocolate hair colour with caramel highlights!

With all the benefits of chocolate hair colour, as well as the numerous options for styling all different hair lengths and types, are you tempted to take the plunge and be a beautiful chocolate brunette later this year?

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